Competent parking, service with quality



    You enjoy your vacation, we take care of your car.

    Charging service for electric vehicles

    Charging station for electric vehicles.

    If you like, we can recharge your e-car.

    Cleaning Service for your car

    Cleaning service.

    We wash your car on request,

    so you can start clean.

    Parking at Hamburg Airport - how it works:

    Simply enjoy your trip and don’t worry about parking at Hamburg Airport. We take care of everything. And this is how it works:

    Arrive with own car

    Don’t worry about finding a parking lot,

     simply start relaxing.

    Handing over keys

    Your car will be parked on our guarded premises.

    Starting your vacation

    While we, upon request, clean your car and refuel.

    Getting in your car right at the Terminal

    No long way to the parking lot, just getting into your car at the terminal and drive home.

    Product Reviews

    Our offer is your satisfaction

    Numerous well-known customers rely on our diverse and customer-oriented service offerings for 20 years now. In collaboration with renowned service partners, we always provide a reliable fulfilment of our customers needs and offer flexible solutions for short-term concerns.

    “Since 2001, I and some of our leaders of our company used CAR MAXXs services. We are very pleased with the reliability and professional work and flexibility they provide. Important for me is that I do not have to spend time on the time-consuming things like finding a parking space or wait for ticket machines, I hand over my keys to one of CAR MAXX staff at the entrance and is then ready for the flight, and it’s just nice easy ”

    Rainer Tschersig, manager Schwarzkopf GmbH

    “The customer orientation and flexibility CAR MAXX provider impressed us right from the start. CAR MAXX works with great enthusiasm, and reliability. It was a good experience for us to have. A benefit we will use in the future”CAR MAXX impressive us right from the start with “Customer orientation and flexibility.” It is gratifying that our country has become aware of CAR MAXX which is a large energetic and highly reliable company, and especially the owners always act credibly and professionally. We want CAR MAXX to continue their service in Hamburg, and the site here can show the way.“

    Wolfgang Richter, Director NL NORTHERN LEASE AG

    “In the three years that our managers and employees have used CAR MAXX, the service they offer in Hamburg airport, saves us a lot of time, and their value-added services (maintenance, inspection, cleaning, etc.) is something we use regularly and it saves us a day at the repair shop when you need it. We are really happy. Thank you for the good cooperation!“

    Klaus Betz, Business Manager IMTECH GmbH & Co. KG

    “For over three years I spent CAR MAXXs services. Employees are at one and the same time both polite and punctual, the range of services that your company has to offer is very customer focused and a good alternative to the usual parking. In the future, I give the company my full support. I would recommend CAR MAXXs services to other business and private individuals with a clear conscience, and I wish you success in the future. ”

    Ralf Easter, vice president SANFORD EUROPE KG

    “For several years, I have used the company’s services with great satisfaction. By the perfect service of the staff, maximize CAR MAXX travel quality and saves me a lot of time at the airport”

    Henning Voigt, Director Herbert Voigt GmbH & Co. KG

    “Our Company has made use of the services of CAR MAXX for over ten years. The customer orientation, flexibility and consistently high quality they provide, are fully satisfactory from our side. For our employees on business trips is the time you spend on parking, especially the early mornings or late evenings really annoying. The time saving and reliability the company provides, gives us great satisfaction. CAR MAXX also has reasonable prices, we will continue to make use of the services from CAR MAXX “

    Stefan Falk, Director Fire Protection Solutions Group

    “I’ve spent CAR MAXX for many years, and I have always been very pleased with their services. Services CAR MAXX provides mean that I who are an frequent traveler have a huge time saver, since it does not take long to park or spend time with ticket. Addition, I also think it is worth mentioning the positive reliability, courtesy and above all the flexibility of the staff provider, which is a big plus for me. For the good service, I thank and wish the company continued success. “

    Dieter Pfeiffenberger, CEO BHW Bausparkasse AG, Hameln

    “As a coach, helping Zen Leadership School. All our instructors enjoy using CAR MAXX, not only because the CAR MAXX is cheaper, but especially because of the very courteous and top-reliable staff. Addition, we have been very pleased with the extra services for example. cleaning indoor and outdoor it’s super! A company which we can recommend to everyone. “

    Helmut Rümke, CEO of

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